I joke with the program director of the neighborhood center where I volunteer, that he will get sick of my questions. I believe it is my job as a leader to understand the obvious, the structure, and the unspoken values of an organization. When I have all of that information, then I know how to move forward. I will often consult experts, research, and the people who have the most knowledge about an issue—those who live it daily.

As I have been talking to you, I have heard heartbreaking stories, I have heard about hard decisions between eating healthy food and taking your medicine, I have heard your support for mental health services that the county supports, and I have heard support and complaint for the wheel tax. This is what I will promise to you as your supervisor—I will listen. I hope you will challenge me, challenge the county to make the best decisions possible to support our county and district. I will be an active advocate and listener, and I will seek ways for us to work together. 

An example of citizen concern, and residents coming together came to me when I attended the forum on the Dark Store Loophole, an issue first brought to my attention by Monona Alder Andrew Kitslaar. This state legislation to close the loophole has bipartisan support, but is still not closed. If the big box stores win the lawsuit to be taxed as empty stores, residents of our district could see significant gains in property taxes. In this fabulously organized and facilitated forum, by dedicated residents, Teresa Radermacher and Peter McKeever, I saw ways I could help to organize people and communicate information. This fight continues, and it's one that I hope you'll join us!

 More on my leadership:

How I will be engaged with you:

  • Just as I have done through the campaign, I will hold listening sessions at varying times.
  • You will have my email, and facebook contact, and my website forms to contact me.
  • I will be present at community events, where you can talk with me at any time.
  • I will share information about what the county is working on through WVMO, the Herald Independent, and newsletters. I invite you to comment through one of the above mentioned forms of contact.

Examples of how Dane County can be more engaged:

  • Easily navigable website, free of jargon
  • Clear path to engage as a citizen on committees
  • Rotation of location and timing of meetings
  • Streaming regular committee meetings