Dane County is a national environmental leader, and is setting a great example of the power of local government. We need a Supervisor who’s ready to contribute to this important work. In the last several months, I’ve already jumped into action on behalf of residents who have shared concerns with to me.

Before I had officially decided to run, I spent time researching what the county could do regarding the environment. I reached out to experts in climate and water, asking them what they would like to see at a local level. As a county board supervisor, I will continue to work with scientists, and local leaders to make well informed decisions.

During my time touring the district listening to residents, I visited a house in which two young boys raised concerns about the state's decision to roll back wetland protections. Because I've built relationships with a number of Dane County Supervisors, I was able to reach out to a member of the Lakes & Watershed Commission to see what possible actions the county could take. I learned of previous programs to purchase sensitive land. More action is being considered on this front, and I intend to fight, at a local level, to protect the natural resources we're lucky to have in Dane County.

In late February, I talked to a lakeside resident who was concerned with abundant aquatic plants near their home, and the awful smell it was causing. Working with the Director and Associate Director of the County Land & Water Resources Department I was able to elevate this resident's concerns, and the aquatic plants will be dealt with in the early spring.

I have also been working on the following:

  • Research with DNR employees to understand water level issues: why Lake Monona is the fastest to rise, and slowest to drain.
  • Building relationships with the Monona Sustainability Committee to discuss local issues like the impact of leaf disposal on phosphorus in the lake, as well as the possibility of hosting zero-waste events in Monona. I look forward to playing a supporting role in these efforts!

More on my environmental expertise:

Examples of how Dane County is an environmental leader: